Self Care Routine

A few months ago, I was feeling very depressed and insecure all of the time. Aside from things going on in my personal life, I wasn’t taking care of my body or mental health. I was going out regularly and never exercised or cared about nutrition. I put together a list of things that I now live by to keep myself feeling happy, motivated, and confident.

Exercise Regularly

I started my journey in the gym a little over three months ago and I’ve seen the biggest changes in my mind and body than ever before. I completely dedicated myself to a new lifestyle overnight. I went from no form of exercise, to going to the gym at least five days a week. I naturally have a skinny figure but I hardly had any muscle and I had cellulite on my booty, which left me feeling so insecure. I noticed my insecurities were effecting the relationship I had with myself and the people around me, so I decided that I needed to make some kind of change.


I’m not on any kind of special diet, but I make sure I always eat healthy. I used to eat whatever I wanted and I noticed that I had little energy, I was always grumpy, and I was constantly breaking out (leaving me with no confidence). Eating healthy doesn’t mean forcing yourself to eat foods that you don’t like, there’s so many ways to make eating clean taste good. I’m always looking up new healthy recipes on Pinterest. Taking care of your body is a form of self love and it pays off in the long run. You get what you put in.


I basically cut out all alcohol because it was a major depressor for me. I was going out almost every weekend and I would always turn to alcohol when life got too real for me. I felt like I was weak for needing alcohol to deal with my problems so I cut it out completely and I feel like I have a much clearer thought process. *To each their own. Alcohol has different effects on people and I’m only sharing what works for me.*

Being Alone

I found that fitting a “me day” into my week has really helped me get to know myself. I was frequently relying on other people to make me happy, so I started putting time aside for myself so I could learn how to create my own happiness. This took me a lot of time, but I had amazing results and it also helped me find my real friends.

Find an Outlet

Whether it be writing in a journal, going for a hike, or whatever works as a good outlet for you, I think having something to go to when you’re having a bad day is so comforting. Spending time with my animals is one of my favorite things to do when I’ve had a tough day. Even if I’m running errands, I’ll bring my dog with me and I’m instantly in a better mood.

These past few months have really opened my eyes to how important self care is. Following this list has really helped me through some hard times and I’d recommend giving at least a couple of these a try if self care is something you struggle with.

“Self care, I’m treatin’ me right.” -Mac