It’s Okay to Take a Break

Anxiety can definitely get the best of us. I was hoping that when I finished school, I’d have more time and motivation to focus on things that I love like this blog, the gym, and planning for my future. Unfortunately, I developed the worst anxiety of my life and got hit with a month long spell of vertigo that left me wanting to do absolutely nothing.

The gym was my life for six months strait and not being able to workout for a month left me feeling very depressed and insecure. I never realized how much I relied on working out for my happiness. Since I wasn’t in the gym, I got really bad anxiety that made me antisocial and I avoided seeing friends and family at all costs. I purchased CBD oil, which helped with my anxiety a lot, and luckily, my vertigo finally went away.

Now I’m slowly starting to feel like myself again by going to the gym and forcing myself to be social. I lost a lot of my motivation to post on any social media and write blog posts but I’m going to be focusing on that a lot more.

Basically, I wanted to write a blog post to show that everyone goes through similar things and it’s okay to lose motivation and focus on yourself for a while. But it’s not okay to feel sorry for yourself and you always have to keep hustling.

Just wanted to keep it short and sweet.

P.S. I went to a dope Origins event last month that was GoT themed.